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Was this a team that performed at a high level and was able to celebrate their successes following the “game”? This experience could be in sports, school, work, or almost anything. Do you remember what this felt like? Now, compare this to your membership of a losing team. What was the morale like? Did people seem to enjoy what they were doing? Did you want to continue to be a part of that team?

Business is fundamentally no different than team sports. You work together as a whole to compete in the game. Individuals matter, but in the end, it’s how the team does that determines success. In business, you’re working as a whole to take care of your clients better than the rest of your competitors. If you’re doing this well, you’re getting new customers and building faster and better than your competition. When this happens, you’re winning in business.

Being part of a high-performance team and playing at a high level is fun. Put more simply, winning is fun. When you’re part of such a team in the business world, you are rewarded with new customers, great press, new innovations, updated technology, promotions, and the ability to make new hires. This is what creates an infectious and exciting culture within the business.

Success isn’t easy. Winning isn’t easy. It takes hard work, discipline, and a commitment to the team. Make no doubt about it, winning is fun. No matter what your position is here, you will find a diverse, team-oriented culture that is focused on winning!

Named the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States in 2008 by Money Magazine, Plymouth offers something for everyone, including residents and work commuters. Located just west of downtown Minneapolis, Plymouth is one of the most prosperous suburbs in the Twin Cities metro area.

As Minnesotans, we enjoy all four seasons during the year. Yes, even winter! Contrary to the rest of the country’s belief, winter here brings new adventures and activities that no Florida or Arizona resident can experience outdoors. Of course, we don’t mind putting away our winter gloves and hitting the lakes in the summer either. No matter the season, Minneapolis residents are always active, with more tennis courts, baseball diamonds, golf courses and lakes per capita than most cities. This is why the American College of Sports Medicine named Minneapolis-St. Paul the healthiest city in the nation in 2011. With lower-than-average health problems and a high amount of parkland, the community is active and vibrant. We like to live by the old motto “Work hard. Play hard.” And it has seemed to pay off. Named the #1 Most Relaxed City in America, Minneapolis proves that a little R&R is never a bad thing.

We don’t like to steal all these coveted #1 spots, but hey, can you blame us for bragging? Once you’re here, you’ll know why residents are loyal to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

We like to live by the old motto work hard, play hard. There’s always a lot on our plate, but that gives us the excuse for a well-deserved celebration every so often.

Happy Hours
With a pretty happy bunch here at Digital Clinic, we usually rule at planning happy hours. If you like to tip back a beer or a soda, then you’d fit right in. With so many great restaurants in the metro area to choose from, we have many options.

Boating is in Our Blood
Each year we like to gather together and exercise our sea legs for an afternoon in the sun. Most often, we like to explore the islands of Lake Minnetonka, fire up the grill, and just cruise the waters. Sometimes, the team likes to get a little competitive with a game of beach volleyball or “Sticks and Cups.” Most importantly, you’ll likely go home with a smile on your face and maybe just a bit of sunburn.

Annual Holiday Party
If you’re already thinking dull conversation and dry food, then you haven’t been to a Digital Clinic holiday party. We throw the best party around, and we dare you to disagree! Good food, good drinks, and good people make for a pretty fantastic night to celebrate our team and our company.

We greatly value our people and have created an inviting, team-focused atmosphere where people want to be every day and work with other high performing individuals. To build this, Digital Clinic offers the following benefits:

Fun & Innovative Environment
Digital Clinic is a fast-paced and fun environment to be a part of. This is created by our people — some of the best and brightest in the business. If you enjoy working with hard-working, driven people who want to succeed, you may be a great fit!

Medical, Dental , Short Term Disability Insurance
Digital Clinic offers competitive and comprehensive medical, dental and STD insurance programs.

401(k) Retirement Plan
Digital Clinic helps its team members prepare for their future with a 401(k) savings program.

Cutting Edge Technology
Digital Clinic employees work with some of the most cutting-edge technology available today. Whether you are working on the front lines with our latest digital signage, as part of our skilled software development team, or designing and animating custom content for a client, you can be assured you have state-of-the-art hardware and software needed to get the job done.

Competitive Pay
Digital Clinic offers generous pay and annual reviews to ensure competitiveness.

Employee Activities
Digital Clinic sponsors employee activities year round, including happy hours, boat outings, and our annual employee appreciation holiday extravaganza. Learn more about our team activities.

Paid Holidays
Digital Clinic offers paid holidays, including New Year’s, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Paid Time Off
Digital Clinic has a generous paid time off (PTO) policy. New employees receive up to two weeks of PTO which increases with years of service. PTO can be used for sick time, vacation, or just a well-deserved day off.